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Business Continuity

Don’t let disaster stop your business in its tracks!

IT-related emergencies can strike at any time, whether it’s a malware attack, natural disaster or system crash. It’s vital to have a plan in place to make sure your business can continue to accomplish work, maintain compliance and keep unproductive downtime at a minimum.

One Up Solutions Northwest can help you prepare your Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA business for any and all IT emergencies. To learn more about OneRecover and our comprehensive Cloud backup solutions, get in touch with us today at (503) 278-5011 or

Why Do You Need OneRecover?

Without effective Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery contingencies, your business can suffer devastating consequences during an emergency. Data loss can affect your company’s reputation, leading to loss of business, and lower return on investment for the time your employees spent working on it in the first place.

What Can OneRecover Do For Your Business?

OneRecover is One Up Solutions Northwest’s Cloud-based backup service that is designed to keep you safe no matter the emergency, simple as that. With One Up Solutions Northwest on your side, you get many benefits, including:

  • Ready For Any Emergency: One Up Solutions Northwest prepares your company for any disaster that could affect your IT infrastructure, whether it be a natural occurrence, cybercrime, power outage or human error. Comprehensive security measures and reliable backups keep you and your data safe against a wide range of recognized digital threats.
  • Scalability: We don’t expect your business to fit a predetermined service plan. Instead, we design backup solutions to specifically address your needs as a business so that you don’t have to pay for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • Iron Clad Encryption: Strong local AES 256-bit source side encryption protects your data from unauthorized access even before it is transmitted to the cloud. Any data sent to the cloud is automatically encrypted using the hardened SSL protocols that eliminate the possibility of an outsider gaining access to it. Lastly, all data can be optionally encrypted at rest in the data center.
  • Convenience: OneRecover doesn’t lock you into to a single backup destination. You can keep backups in the Cloud as well as locally on an external hard drive or any network location. Furthermore, you can enjoy online access to your backups, allowing you to share and restore files from anywhere with a web interface.

As a part of our unparalleled Microsoft expertise, One Up Solutions Northwest offers further benefits for clients managing a Windows Servers environment, including:

  • File Level Backup and Recovery that allows users the ability to choose individual files and folders to backup.
  • System State Backup and Bare Metal Recovery gives you the choice to restore original Windows Server configuration or rebuild the entire system from the ground up.
  • SQL Server and MS Exchange Backup provides further assurance that your server and email data will be secure in the event of any emergency

OneRecover offers a number of further features that makes business continuity a simple matter for your company. You can enjoy customizable control and convenience as part of these many features, which include:

  • Scheduling and Real-Time Backup
  • Block Level Backup
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Purge Options 

Don’t be reactive to IT emergencies! With our help, you can work proactively to prevent and effectively respond to disasters that affect your Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA business’ IT infrastructure. Contact One Up Solutions Northwest at (503) 278-5011 or today for more information.

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